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Self management and Superannuation Service

Self-Managed Superannuation Services in Hobart

Administering your Fund is onerous from a compliance point of view and penalties for non-compliance can be damaging to your financial position if you don't get it right. We can administer your Fund and take the worry away from you.   

Stuart is a Registered Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Auditorbased in Hobart and can audit Funds where they are administered by other firms anywhere in Australia.

Superannuation is potentially the largest asset when you are heading towards retirement, so you have to engage yourself with trusted professionals for the protection of your asset.  We are an advanced professional team providing Self Managed Superannuation Fund services in Hobart.

How Do We Help our Clients with Auditing their Self-Managed Superannuation Funds?

Stuart Iles Partners is a leading firm in Hobart and trusted for offering services for Self-Managed Superannuation funds to ensure their compliance with current laws and regulations.

How Do We Administer Self-Managed Superannuation?

Stuart Iles Partners administers SMSF and can assist with:

  • Establishing fund and winding up
  • Preparing Annual Financial Statement which includes compliance minutes
  • Preparing and lodging Annual Returns
  • Preparing and lodging Business and Instalment Activity Statement
  • Reviewing annual pensions and contributions
  • Preparing PAYG payment summary
  • Calculating member rollover and preparing rollover statements
  • Facilitating Annual Audit with our auditors

At Stuart Iles Partners, we are even providing compliance consultancy services related to:

  • Trustee education regarding their fund’s operations
  • Tax planning and the associated tax effects by means of contributions
  • Laws about accessing the benefits of superannuation and the consequent tax effects on the individual tax liability of the members.
  • Entering into negotiations with the ATO regarding potential non-compliance matters
  • Rules and documentation regarding Limited Recourse Borrowing
  • Rules on in-house asset
  • Related Party Transactions which include investments purchases and sales
  • Rules regarding private unit trust and developing a compliant structure
  • Reviewing your present trust deed to make sure the rules are allowing your proposed retirement strategies.

We are always open to our customers - our customer care service is just a call away whenever you need guidance or a consultation on SMSF.

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